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Your Safety Is Our Top Priority

At this time, all of us at Ajisen Ramen are taking extra safety precautions to ensure the health of our customers and employees.  As always, we will do everything we can to keep you safe and provide an enjoyable dining experience. 

We look forward to seeing you again. Read more to learn about how we are staying safe! 

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Hand Sanitizer

Multiple hand sanitizer stations will be available at every location before customers enter and throughout the store.


Temperature Checks

In efforts to ensure that everyone inside is safe and healthy, customers and employees will have their temperatures checked before entering the stores. This is a contact-free step that we are taking to prevent the risks of exposure. 

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PlexiGlass Shields 

Plexiglass shields will be placed on every dining table and checkout counters to further protect our customers. 


Face Masks

To prevent the spread, all our staffs will be provided with face masks to wear while serving you and preparing all foods. 

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Social Distancing

Whenever possible, employees are expected to maintain a safe distance of 2 metres apart from other staffs, guests, and delivery personnels. Guests will be dining at least 2m apart from other customers and tables will be separated to follow social distancing guidelines. For applicable locations, different entrances will be designated for delivery drivers and dine-in and takeout guests to keep a safe distance. 

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Hand Washing

Employees must wash their hands regularly


Every 30 minutes or between switching tasks


Before, during, and after their shifts


Before handling food or serving guests


After any contact with other individuals & frequently touched surfaces or areas

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