the king of white soup

Our famous broth is made from simmering pork bone with other ingredients until it becomes milky white. Aside from being tasty, our broth is also nutritious and contains anti-aging agents such as collagen. We also pride ourselves in the different broth flavours that we offer, from our original pork bone soup to spicy mala, miso, shoyu, tom yum, and many more.  


Fresh Noodles Everyday

Our noodles are thin and chewy, pairing perfectly with your choice of toppings and broth. Made from fresh flour and prepared daily. 


Meats & Toppings

At Ajisen, we offer an extensive selection of pork, beef, chicken, steak, seafood, and veggies for guests to pair with their ramen - freshly prepared in house. 

tender pork ribs

Our  most popular tender pork ribs are slow cooked for over 4 hours before they are served, giving the meat extra flavour and tenderness. The ribs are then marinated in our special sauce imported directly from Japan. The “jello-like” parts of the rib is actually soft bone and is often mistaken for fat, however it’s the best part! 

Steak / beef / filet mignon

Our Steak Teppanyaki is a customer favourite, featuring a rib-eye steak that is marinated and seasoned perfectly, served on a sizzling plate to enhance its flavours.


Our Filet Mignon is the most tender of steaks, cubed and seasoned with black pepper. Served on a sizzling plate or on top of ramen. 

Our beef teppanyaki is served sliced and cooked with onions, pairing perfectly with a bowl of ramen. 

seafood / shrimp 

Our Seafood Ramen is a combination of assorted seafoods which include mussel, clam, scallop, octopus, and fried shrimp.

Our BBQ Shrimp Teppanyaki features large seasoned shrimps served on a sizzling plate topped with a slice of lemon.

We also serve fried shrimp that is coated in a soft batter and deep fried for extra crunch, served with dipping sauce.


Our signature pork meat is perfectly seared until they are juicy and tender with crispy edges. We offer 4 types of porks: 


Sliced Pork


BBQ Pork


Thick Pork


Tonkatsu (Pork Cutlet)


Our Signature Japanese Fried Chicken is coated with a delicate layer of batter and deep fried until it is golden brown. 

Our Deep Fried Chicken Knee Cap features tender chicken meat with a crunchy soft bone center. Deep fried until crispy and served with dipping sauce.

Our Chicken Teppanyaki is marinated to give it the perfect amount of taste and served on a sizzling plate. 

for veggie lovers

Our Veggie Tofu Ramen features assorted vegetables, mushrooms, carrots, and corn. Topped with 2 pieces of  fried tofu and a hot spring egg. 


Guests can substitute their any of our pork soup to a pure vegetarian miso broth (even our spicy ones!) This ensures that guests can enjoy a 100% vegetarian ramen that is just as flavourful as our originals. 

Japanese Curry

Our Japanese Curry dishes feature curry sauce that is directly imported from Japan. Mixed with broiled potatoes, carrots, and seasoned vegetables, it is served with our curry rice sets.